Jan. 6th, 2017

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You would tend to think that October would be all about fall colour, engaging in paranoid nonsense about having the Yankees coming North of the border to beat people up for celebrating Thanksgving in the wrong month owing to Lynn's being brought up to believe that Americans are worse than Nazis because they followed a different George in the 1770s or complaining about more candy to make Elly fat. You'd be wrong because Elly associates the month with the idea that her children hate all the love in her great big heart.

The reason she turns October into the month of Theyhateme is that the deluded child woman simply cannot cope with conflict because her mother wanted to save mankind by never letting her win an argument. This means that when the kids start to think for themselves or point out that she doesn't know what kids like these days, she either explodes, sulks or whines because she doean't know what her kids are trying to tell her and thinks that honest objections to her ignorance of her surroundings must come from a place of hate.


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