Jan. 12th, 2017

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Recent revelations have given me a horrible idea for a plot thread. Said horrible idea involves Thérèse achieving her happiness (by which Lynn and Anthony mean finding Mr Right and settling down), restoring her family (by which I mean relieving Lizardbreath of the horrible burden that is dealing with Françoise and exposing herself to the reality that yeah, she actually was a home-wrecker) and arranging for such things in a manner that "oppresses" and "humiliates" the Patterson family. The ever-enduring misery I have in mind would be visited on the "long-suffering" "heroes" by the subtle masterstroke of making her new fellow rich and handsome and totally unconcerned with how anything he says or does might affect Elly Patterson.

This is because the Pattersons are a bunch of really terrible people who need to see themselves as the victims of all victims surpassing all others and it simply wouldn't do for an antagonist to really have a happy ending...especially if that happy ending involved shrugging and not seeing how they have any say in how she lives her life. Why, the whole family might have to slink off into the night blubbering about the eternal humiliation of seeing someone they hate succeed.


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