Jan. 17th, 2017

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As you will recall, I have gone on record as saying that if the Patterson family were ever exposed to a genuine emergency situation, the first responders tasked with rescuing them would be greeted by the appalling spectacle of their huddled corpses found inches away from salvation. The current arc seems to bear that out owing to how ineptly they plan for things and how panicky they get. We have a school district too stupid to pre-emptively shut down school and too overwhelmed to cope with the power outage and lack of foods to be taken seriously and we have Elly and the kids huddled around their meager fire place like savages because no one thought to buy any sort of off-the-grid heating device. About the only people who look smart in this are the city's outside workers and the linesmen who do their thankless but vital job of keeping people like Elly from freezing to death out of sheer stupidity.


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