Jan. 20th, 2017

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The other reason we'd have to endure Elly screeching about the unfairness of life even if we were actually dealing with 2017 conditions is that even if she were actually to be told to stay home, she'd assume that she was good to go anyway and still end up stuck in a ditch like a fool. This is because while she's got an all-weather car, she's a some-weather driver. Almost every time she has to go out in inclement weather, something untoward happens. Either she loses traction and slides into a ditch or she ends up leaving her car outside in freezing rain because she expects her houseguests will read her mind and let her have the garage.

The problem is that one cannot tell her this about herself because she doesn't like being told what her weaknesses and flaws are and never has. What John ends up doing is ducking arguments he knows he can't win and letting her find someone else to blame for her unwillingness to learn from the past. Good thing there was a teenager under the roof up until the early part of this decade. Otherwise, Elly might have to face having to retake her drivers' test to see if she actually can still cope with roadway conditions.


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