Jan. 28th, 2017

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Another interesting thing that grows to dominate the Later Years starts to really get going next yearr as well. Not only do we really start to see that Liz has internalized Elly's need to invest too much of her self-worth in a distorted body image, we have to contend with the pants soiling terror of technology that wafts off the strip like a bad smell. We lead off with Mike and Lizzie trying to streamline the process of writing thank you letters by typing them up on the computer so they would be legible (probably because no one has taught penmanship since the Nixon Administrattion and they got tired of passive-aggressive noise about hen scratching) only have Elly wind up clutching an old collection of letters because EVIL KIDS are using EVIL MACHINES to destroy the written word or some such panicky, doom-laden screeching about how Elly is now OLD and part of a LOST GENERATION.

Of course, Mike and the other kids don't exactly help their case when they feed into Elly's need to feel afraid of everything unfamiliar. Instead of helping her get used to things, they react to her morose blathering in the same bone-weary manner they do to all of the other times that she converts a non-event into someone carving her grave marker for her because now, she's too old to be of use. Also, they tend to not notice something called the sunk cost fallacy. Simply put, people are generally reluctant to do what others say and retrain because their identity is wrapped up in what they already know how to do. It's hard to start over and easy to listen to someone who says that they don't need to even though they kind of do need to. It's also why we're never going to have spelling reform.


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