Jan. 30th, 2017

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Another interesting thing takes place in a year's time that almost goes unnoticed. Said blink-and-you'll miss it moment is when Lizzie wants everyone in class to pay attention to her stooooooopid nose because it's clear as anything to her that it's her stooooopid nose and not her angry scowling that makes people avoid her. One of her classmates tells her that no, she never noticed that Lizzie had a stoooopid nose because she was too busy paying attention to the face it was attached to. Said student's name: Candace O'Hallaran!

That's right. Lizardbreath's pet antagonist seems to have started out as more or less someone whose job description was to check Liz's expiration date because Lizzie was cute and she had stoooopid freckles and stooooopid mutant teeth and bad grades and so on and so forth. Once Candace started to....ah....develop, she mutated into the low-grade mean girl who stunk things up for years on end by highlighting what a dozy bonehead Liz was. We didn't need a reminder that Liz was stupid and self-defeating because the facts spoke for themselves.


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