Feb. 9th, 2017

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Of course, the Experts was not the only recurring segment on the Red Green show. We also had the Adventure segment (a short black-and-white film that had the lodge members getting up to wacky hijinks outside), the North Of Forty segment in which Red talked to the camera and gave mildly jokey advice to his audience, the Buddy System sketches that had two people give husbands tips about self-preservation AND what I've been driving at all along: the Possum Lodge Word Game. The point of that segment was ostensibly to get a character to guess a word in exchange for a gag prize but turned out to be to remind us who the person was by his inability to immediately get the easy clues the person asking the question provided. A good example is that Red had to tell Dalton that his dad had eaten nothing but meat for the seventy years he'd been alive so far but how he's in hospital because he's THIS to get the man to say the word 'vegetable.'

The reason that I mention this is that I sometimes have this idea that would somehow combine Foob with the Red Green show....trying to get Elly to say the words 'happy' or 'relax'. In the first instance, Red would be saying things like "When your grandchildren come over, this makes you...", "When you think back on your life and think about all the things you've accomplished, you're....", "When you think about how well off you are, you can't help but be" only to get "anxious", "disappointed because it took so long to get what she wanted out of life" and "let down" in response only to be asked if humiliating her in front his audience makes him happy. In the second case, she would also win accidentally by saying that since the world would fall apart without her vigilance, she cannot relax.


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