Feb. 19th, 2017

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The irritating thing about having to watch Elly at Mike's hockey practice is not that she doesn't like him doing anything that isn't a chore that makes her life easier by showing his love for her by erasing every trace he might have of an individual identity. Most comic strip housewives labour under the misapprehension that their function is to take the people in their vicinity and erode away any impulse they might have that diverts them from the life they think they have to live. You can't read a comic strip with a female protagonist that doesn't have her get her nose out of joint because some evil, conflict-causing MAN denies that there's more to life than pointless chores, random periods of unconsciousness and, as a reward for a life of dull, useless toil, the sweet release of death.

Elly's stupidly sitting in the seat she takes without even realizing that the Thought Police aren't going to show up and shoot her if she moves around or anything is visual shorthand for this mental defect she's got. Just as she only thought that the point of an Easter parade was to reassure the other parents that she could force a balking child to do what she was told, sitting until her ass is numb is yet another of the false obligations that only exist inside her empty head.


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