Feb. 20th, 2017

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As we know, Lynn tends to have a rather conservative vision of sex. She clearly seems to believe that it should take place within marriage and be solely for outnumbering purposes. This is why April treats Becky like a cheap tart she cannot really be friends with because, having gone roadside with Jeffo, she's unclean and thus unfit company. It's also why we had to deal with the ridiculous and appalling redemption arc in the Declining Years in which Lizardbreath had to be subjected to one ludicrous trauma after the next in order to purify herself and thus be worthy of Blandthony.

The reason that I mention this is that I just realized something horrible about Molly Thomas. Said horrible thing is that if I'm right about this, we were staring down the barrel of that idiot Connie, her dolt husband Greg and that moron Elly trying to wrap their empty brains around a teen pregnancy arc. It is something of a blessing that the same person who talked Lynn out of having John cheat on Elly with Sue The Librarian seems to have done the same thing with a new audience-alienating premise but it would explain certain things: Molly's otherwise inexplicable absence and Elly's shrieking dread of an 'unplanned' pregnancy that wasn't aimed at stabilizing a marriage.


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