Feb. 23rd, 2017

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Now, I think that it's pretty obvious that a horribly distorted body image such as Lynn's cannot exist in full bloom unless it's on a leafy-green background of projecting her belief that really, she is too ugly to deserve love onto the world. This is not only why we have Elly and Liz staring holes in the mirror convinced that they are too hideous to be worthy of the affection they crave, it's also why we have to deal with the very superficial Connie being praised for what Mira is an evil person for wanting WHEN she gets her bowels in an uproar because Dirk Dagger isn't conventionally handsome.

This is rather idiotic because Dirk could, despite his looking like he died ten years ago but came back for his car keys and his lack of interest in talking to older people ginned into hating him by a news media looking for the next great moral panic to scare the rubes with, be a pretty good guy and the best male bargain Molly could hope for. The problem is that raindrop shallow Connie sees ugly grandchildren who are ugly and people blaming her for the ugly children. It's also why Eric pulled much the same shit Howard Erk did but Lizardbreath doesn't want him off the planet because ugly people need to die.


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