Mar. 9th, 2017

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I know that I don't talk about myself or my past all that much but something's been on my mind for a while. Said thing is that three of the elementary schools in my part of Saint John are about three months and change from closing down in order to be replaced by a larger new school this September. This is the end point of a process that seems to have started twenty years ago when this province switched from having junior high schools to middle schools. As it was when they gathered all the middle school students into one place, they're about six months away from doing the same to the K through 5 students because there just aren't enough of them to justify three schools in my area either. This process was given even more impetus because the oldest school is pretty much falling apart because of shoddy construction.

The reason that I mention this is that it sort of makes me wonder certain things. First, I can't help but wonder that if St Pats' Junior High is gone for good, where did I graduate from? Second, how long is it going to take for children to stop thinking of themselves as belonging to their old schools? I ask this because someone told me that the schools that had to absorb the students of the school that isn't safe any more like, well, interlopers almost. This tells me that their decision to place the new one right smack dab next to one of the three that's closing down is going to amplify that problem for the rest of this decade. Oh, sure, in ten years or so, children will have to be told that certain old buildings used to be schools at one point but that's quite a while from now.


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