Mar. 10th, 2017

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The irritating thing about the on-going battle to get Mike to muck out his bedroom is that John and Elly don't actually really enforce the punishment they imposed on him. As we saw, Michael only gets his allowance when he picks stuff up. This is a good start but, sadly, there are two flaws to their scheme. The first flaw is that they don't quite go far enough and didn't forbid him from going to the local shops even if he were to somehow earn the money to buy things. That would have been the first thing my parents did in that instance and their inability to simply bar him from buying stuff and make that stick seems like a damaging oversight.

The second is sort of wrapped up in the first and has to do with stopping him from earning money in another way. It shouldn't have come as a surprise to them that he'd try to bum money off of Lizzie because it's obvious that he thinks that the only thing stopping him from buying a Goo Bar is not having enough cash because that's the only thing stopping him from doing so. If he knew that he'd get into trouble for pawning Teddy or going to the store, he might actually pick stuff up but their penalty is weak and he learned nothing.


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