Apr. 16th, 2017

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As I said last time, the reason we never see Molly or Gayle again is that Lynn decided that at twelve years of age, Michael was finally old enough a character that she would be able to nag Aaron about dating girls who gave her the creeps. Wile it was her own choice to send her son unsubtle messages about predatory girls with dangerous body language, it would have been slightly more plausible if the alleged gold-digger Elly panicked about the most were herself not a thirteen-year old slip of a girl. 

There are, of course, two reasons for this moronic fiasco. The first is the idiotic age gap she can’t or won’t admit that she blundered into by not bothering to pay attention to her immediate surroundings. She’s probably convinced herself that she planned ll along to  make her characters three years younger but persuing the catalog and remembering her need to have the Patterson children do age-inappropraite things because she wanted to  rebuke Aaron and Katie right then and there make that a lie.

The second is that she always seems to have needed a male companion even when she was in her first decade of life. While her peers were fearing cooties and ickiness, Lindy Ridgway had it in her head that she wasn’t worth the effort of feeding if she didn’t have a man in her life all her life. This mental peculiarity led to her angrily over-reacting and banishing Deanna for a decade because someone told her something she didn’t want to hear about how normal people behave.


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