Apr. 21st, 2017

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As we know, we're just about to watch Elly work herself into another unnecessary lather because she, despite yearning to forbid it so as to save the world from CHAOS!!!, signed off on Mike having a slumber party. The reason she wanted to prevent Mike from doing this allegedly terrible thing is that she can't wrap her fool head around the idea of children doing something they like without her being trod into the mud and sneered at. The reason she gave everyone else is that Lizzie wasn't allowed to make an intrusive annoyance of herself; this manifested itself as John promising Lizzie that she too would either host or participate in one one day. The reason that we never saw one is that Lynn can't be bothered to keep track of plot threads and simply forgot it.

The problem is that, despite her earnest belief that it should not happen, people do keep track of what's supposed to happen and want to invent explanations that aren't "Lynn forgot." For instance, we could say that Elly was so traumatized and insulted by the minor shenanigans Mike and his pals inflicted on her that she was firmer about rejecting Lizzie's pleas to let her friends over for a night. The problem with that is that we know that April eventually gets to get yelled at for the horrible crime of depriving her parents of too much sleep. What this means in terms of the character is that John and Elly notice something that Liz doesn't want to face: she's a standoffish, possessive, clingy and sullen little twerp who thinks that she's the only friend her friends are allowed to have and thus doesn't have the same family of friends Mike and the Martian do thereby rendering a sleepover into having Dawn Enjo over for the night.


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