Apr. 25th, 2017

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One of the odder things about the sleep-over arc is that we remind ourselves that Michael doesn't really change all that much as a person when he gets older when he boasts about how much bigger and smarter than Elizabeth is only to stand around looking like a pole-axed ewe when someone comes along and asks him to assume adult responsibilities. While I don't know of anything that isn't having the memory of a goldfish that explains John and Elly's being surprised that he wants to be as big as an adult but still be treated like a small child with less responsibility but I do know that Middle Years Mike is still really the kid who wishes Lizzie was born first so he wouldn't have things asked of him.

Since this sort of thing keeps on happening to him and since his reaction is always first be totally blindsided by the expectation that his maturity be proven by a mowed lawn and then to assume that his parents hate fun and happiness and want him to hate it too, we're still dealing with the dumb little bastard who flew off the handle accusing everyone but himself of being part of a plot to humiliate him when he was asked to assume responsibility when he did something dim. Again, he doesn't really change much but a fixation on his chronological age and physical size keeps his moron parents from seeing this.


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