Apr. 26th, 2017

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The depressing thing about having to contemplate the Liz of the Middle Years is not having to remember how clingy and jealous she could get and how that combined with her standoffish nature to ensure that she didn't have a very wide social circle. The depressing thing is that she spent entirely too much time obsessing about her looks because she couldn't quite handle not being able to trade on them in the real world. We're about to spend the next ten years or so watching Lizzie hate what she sees in the mirror and it's going to suck...especially since no one else is allowed to be anxious about his or her appearance on her watch.

We get proof of that soon enough when we get the first reminder that she finds Mike's assumption that being almost as tall as his folks means that he should be allowed to be treated like an dult an endless source of comic fodder. From mocking him for trying to count armpit hairs to making a mail shot about how John and Elly are waiting for his brains to catch up to the rest of him to treat him better, Liz thinks that Mike's being a doofus and she's going to tell him that no matter what the cost. Said cost happens to be having her breath compared to that of a reptile.


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