Apr. 30th, 2017

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One of the more irritating things about having to listen to Elly wail about how having April meant that she would be tied down to diaper rash and daycare while her friends were talking about careers and travel is having to remember who really got tied down: Elizabeth. Unlike her idiot mother, Liz clearly saw that Mike would be allowed to go where he wanted to while she would be expected to do all the grunt work Elly tells herself that she did. It’s almost as annoying as watching Elly and John nail themselves to their cross about the horrible disrespect their horrible children were showing them by losing track of time like morons, having snacks because there isn’t a fucking clock in their stomachs and clearly making fun of them by looking through their closets for a Halloween costume. This, combined with the infamous sequence in which Elly stood around wailing about how awful it was that Liz dared to have a social life when a good child would rush straight home and dedicate herself to housework because back in the sixties, no one in North Vancouver had much interest in socializing with the angry know-nothing know-it-all, tells us something about the possibility of Liz being allowed to attend anything like a sleepover.

What it tells us is that Liz would have better luck flying to the moon flapping her God-damned arms than getting to go to one. Her idiot parents barely tolerated Mike and April having one and made God-damned sure that the kids knew that the old, angry people thought that they were all extra-bad kids for making noise and keeping their parents from the zombie sleep that isn’t actually good for anyone. We also now that having to drive kids to sporting events a bit early is seen not as being part of being a father but as a cruel imposition selfish kids who don’t know who’s really in charge inflict on the Trash Bag Johnnies of the world. I can’t see Elly allowing Lizzie to go anywhere on a weekend night unless they’re away at one of those horrible kid-hostile vacations of theirs. The problem is that the only place she would be allowed to go is the Poirier house so that she can be subjected to a different sort of self-righteous incompetent parenting predicated on the notion that someone who totally dominates the conversation and wins all the time is a martyr backed into a corner because she’s too stupid to realize it.


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