May. 9th, 2017

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Although we’re about six or seven years from actually having to deal with an odd little habit Mike had when first registering for classes, it seems to me that we’re only a year and a half from understanding why. The habit I had in mind was that for the first week or so, Michael made a point of reminding everyone in a position of authority that his last name had two t’s in it instead of just the one. At the time, I’d thought that off-camera, he and the others had had problems with their last name that we never got to see and he was just being careful.

The reason that I mention this is that one of those times seems to me to have been the attention John was attending when Richidjit Velocityaddict came speeding around a bus to T-bone the Yellow Over-Compensation Mobile. As I recall, he had the devil’s own time trying to get a room because the clerks looked at the guest list and assured them that no Patterson, John from Milborough, Ontario was on there. My guess is that the dimwit behind the counter was wondering why Paterson, John, from Millboro, Ontario was a no-show. Somehow, this got back to John and it’s why Mike is running around reminding everyone he meets how he spells his name.


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