May. 14th, 2017

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As we know, Lynn has programmed Elly with her values....the chiefest of which is that weighing more than some arbitrary standard makes you ugly and thus unworthy of love and attention. She'll deny it to the end but the belief that anyone not 'perfect' should just settle for a lonely and unhappy life of isolation and the contempt of their betters is a living thing within the strip. The problem is that Elly seems to have married a man who actually might love her more were more of her to actually love. Based on his agreement with his grandfather's approving comment about what people who subscribe to his fetish call Big Beautiful Women, it might be that John wonders when Elly will stop worrying so much about the outer packaging and love the person inside it.

This is because the poor sap is living in denial as to the fact that Elly simply cannot associate the adverb 'pleasingly' with the adjective 'plump' but insists that any evidence that there are men who get off on the pounds that make her feel less than human is a crazy urban legend that is at war with how people actually think and act. The end result is a life of frustration for both: hers is messed up because she wants to lose pounds to please him and him because she wants to become less lovable.


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