Jun. 4th, 2017

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The irritating thing about the "Maybe she uses the wrong detergent" strip is having to remember that instead of doing what she should have done, Lynn's outrage that an advertisement actually made an exaggerated claim seems to have driven her to depict Elly behaving like a twelve-cylinder whack-job too enraged by her children's stupidity to behave like a sane, decent person. A better artist would have been a damned sight more low-key about contrasting the glowing promises of the detergent companies and the depressing reality of set-in stains and irritating drudgery.

Jerry Seinfeld points us the way to this when he observes that it's sort of silly to have to watch the people in soda ads act as if their brand of sugary fizzy water is any better than some other similar tasting brand of what's essentially liquid candy. What this would work out to in reality is Elly doing a load of clothes with Blast and making a mildly acerbic comment about how she's not having the effect she sees on television before muttering about how the store brand works the same anyway: poorly. Having an Elly that makes mildly displeased comments about how ad-men have always promised more than they could deliver would be a marked improvement over the screaming lunatic baying at the moon about daggers in her heart.


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