Jun. 8th, 2017

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Since we'd probably be living in a post-John world anyway if the strip had continued, it seems fitting to mention that a dead John would be as ready, willing and able to admit that he'd read the people around him all wrong as the living one was. The reason, as I've mentioned before, is that John has the detrimental habit of assuming that whatever position he happens to be holding at any given time has to be the right one because it's his position (which, of course, means that any opinion not his own that doesn't make his life easier MUST be wrong). He simply can't ask himself the question "What if I'm wrong?" because it would mean he's not the protagonist of the human drama. Since he'd sooner swallow a bucket of live scorpions than admit that he's not in the right, we're just going to keep on seeing him make an ugly, unhappy fool of himself because he can't admit that he doesn't know what he's talking about most of the time.

The damage he wills upon himself in this instance is that he further alienates his wife because he demonstrates yet again his terror of taking her and her concerns seriously, he makes his staff think that he's a bastard husband who's probably looking for an excuse to chase something fluffy down a rabbit hole and he robs himself of piece of mind because he's trying to convince himself that he's under the gun financially when that's just not the case. He never learns anything from making his life worse being stubborn and reflexively attacking any idea not his own so eventually, he probably ended up leaving his kids tongue-tied because they can't think of anything positive to say at his funeral when asked how he shaped their lives. 


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