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Of course, the same sort of noise and blame evasion that would have to take place if Elly were to, say, chaperone Mike for a pee-wee hockey tournament would also take place if she were, as [livejournal.com profile] howtheduck and [livejournal.com profile] aprilp_katje proposed, to be forced to accompany Mike and Lizzie to Kamp Kawkawa. In fact, I should think that we'd be getting a little more noise out of her.

First off, I don't think that she'd react all that well to the means by which she'd be forced away from the Pattermanse in the first place. After all, she only decided on sending them away the day before Lawrence and the Enjos left because she was at her wits' end. She would not be thrilled to be told that she cannot, despite her hope otherwise, simply dump her problem in someone else's lap without paying a penalty so being told point blank by the man I call Bob that he's sick of people like her sending their discipline problems his way without having the decency to warn him in advance about someone who's going to make life miserable for the other campers so that's why people who do what she did kind of have to come along for the ride so she doesn't get sued for his damages. What's the fun of packing her kids off somewhere to forget about them if that isn't an option.

As if this didn't anger her enough, having That Man come along every day breathing down her neck about the stupid stunts Mike gets into and how they're somehow her fault for raising him wrong is not something she'd react well to. She very much needs to not have people act like her mother and tell her that she can't duck a problem or wish it away by blaming television or Gordon Mayes so being told that his being a pliable goof is her doing is going to go as well as his suddenly developing an interest in some girl she makes into a threat because she was a friendless, tongue-tied wallflower throwing herself at someone she didn't stand a chance with at his age.
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 As we know, I've no intention of covering any arc or individual strip that has Elly nag her teeming get about wasting food, cooking food for themselves or bitching about their having the good table manners she doesn't have herself. The reason why is the arc we're just about to watch. We start things off with Elly reacting to Lizzie not wanting to eat a hot dog that had the flavour boiled the Hell out of it with her near-standard expression of blind rage. Since the strip is for angry mothers who blame their children for the fact that they were born to resent anything not themselves, we can safely say that most of the idiots who get defensive when it's intimated that most sane people think that Elly is a violently unfit parent want to join her in screaming about the unfairness of an evil law enacted by professional childless people that would penalize Elly for sitting on Lizzie's chest and FORCING her to eat the weenie. We then transition to her acting all superior to her selfish and evil and selfish child by eating the tube of lips and assholes she doesn't want to eat while the other horrible child says that palatability and food should go together because evil children are evil and turn their backs on the love in their mother's great big hearts and want the food they show their love with to actually taste good.

This transitions into the wider scope problem: her turning a blight on society at large into something that only makes her own life worse. For some reason lost to history, Elly was trained to think that emptying her plate was the touchstone of being a loving child while at the same time believing that being 'overweight' meant that no man could or should love her. This means that she has an unhealthy relationship with food that will pretty much never get better. She'll die seeing a plate of left-overs or food tossed away because no one wants it as meaning that she herself is morally defective and should be brutally and publicly murdered for the greater good; what I object to is seeing this sort of self-destructive and insane neurosis being presented as some sort of sacrifice to be admired instead of what it is: a destructive narcissist crucifying herself because her kids don't like her heavy-ass casseroles that make them feel as if they can't move.  
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Now, as I explained about a week or so ago, most of what drives Elly crazy when Lizzie loses her tooth is her making the same stupid mistake she always makes when her children do something inconvenient and dumb. Lynn and Elly foreshadow why Elly thinks dark thoughts about frightened, confused and heartsick children who don’t realize why Mommy is so damned angry all the time when she warns Lizzie not to make it too tough on the tooth fairy only to have Liz insist that yes, she is going to be the child who can confirm the figure’s existence.

As I said before, Elly thought that Lizzie knows that the tooth fairy is fake and simply wants to catch Mommy putting a quarter under her pillow to make life worse for everyone because she has the damnedest time realizing that her children haven’t figured out what is and isn’t real yet. (It should also be noted that she believes that her children realize that they’re shorter than what a normal person should be for the same damned reason.) This means that instead of reassuring an unhappy child who thinks that she’s pissed off the Tooth Fairy, the angry dumbass insists on wanting to belt the poor little girl because the alternative is admitting that she can’t race around assuming that her children are simply extensions of herself but are really people in their own right. Also, it should be noted that her whining about how Lizzie should not grow so fast because she can’t keep up is not only self-serving, it’s sort of stupid because anyone with a brain would realize that Elly was sending out frantic “I’m the tooth fairy” signals that she’s lucky Lizzie didn’t pick up on.

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One of the more galling arcs I had to endure is the one in which Deanna chirpily lists all the piddly little shit that Mike does that bothers her only to whine pathetically about how he was of course going to run off with someone else because he pointed out that she was imperfect. While Lynn's target audience of thin-skinned assholes who have no problem at all stomping up and down on sitting duck antagonists while screaming about oppression when the slightest defect of theirs is mentioned approved, decent people would give Mike the advice "RUN, PSYCHO, RUN!!!!!!"

This is because as I said yesterday, the men in the strip have spent a lot of time engaged in the pursuit and capture of someone a damned sight like Elly. As we know, her reaction to John's purchase of the Overcompenastionmobile is as following:

1) I can yap about that yellow car and all the other dumb things you do for all eternity.

2) You can never bring up any stupid thing I do ever.

3) This is because you have a penis and can thus 'take' it while I'm a weak little wifey who'd just die.

4) WaaaaaaaHHHHHH!!!!!!

This is, of course, the end result of her buying into gender stereotypes about the fragile little woman who simply can't take it when it's convenient for her. When it doesn't matter (like when she's denying the children a reasonable request to save face), she's made of iron and she's fifty feet tall. When the least chance of her having to accept defeat ensues, she's made of plasticine and thinks Smurfette is an amazon woman.
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As we've seen over the last few weeks, Lynn wants to run around in circles screaming in terror about the horrible clothing styles children wear to prove their blind hatred of the mother they refuse to meekly submit to at all times. Leaving aside Lynn's clear hatred for the idea that people can have opinions she doesn't and overweening need to have people grovel pathetically because they dared to not be exactly like her, what we're looking at is a clear desire to fixate on the scariest trends and assume them to be the norm.

This is, of course, why she fixates on punk imagery. She wants there to be a clear, coherent narrative in a world that doesn't make sense to her. Since she's basically a deplorable person who substitutes moral posturing for an understanding of fair play, the story she tells herself is that the world is a horrible place in which people want to keep her from winning. Children want to make her lose and they don't want to sit down and they all want to wear things that scare her because they hate her. This would be almost tragic were it not for the fact that if she pulled her head out of her ass for five seconds, she'd have something new and horrible to worry about: the fact that it looked as if her mother had become boss of North America and made everyone dress like Alex and Mallory Keaton.
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As you know, I've long had the suspicion that the reason Elly is overwhelmed by her seemingly endless housework and the reason John wonders what she could be possibly doing all day is that in the words of the Engineer from Team Fortress 2, she just ain't doing it right. This is where the nasty little phrase 'moving the dirt around' comes into play because it looks to me as if she doesn't quite understand that she's doing most of her chores wrong. She might sweep porches furiously but she doesn't do much else. The reason that I mention this is that I've long suspected that the reason she does mounds of laundry every day is that just as she buys poor-quality sheets that don't last long, she never bothered learning the boring and inefficient trinity "whites, lights and darks."

What I mean by that is that I think that she's like her kids and John in that she just fires every damned thing into the machine all at once in order to save time. No amount of explaining that this could cause colours to run and no amount of imploring her to actually read the labels on the clothes to see what cycle to put them on or what temperature water to use can deflect her from ruining clothing by being a nitwit. This leads to her trying to fix her failures by failing even harder. The end result is a paranoid and angry mess who never learns from her mistakes.
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Elly's inability to understand that soap and water isn't some sort of universal solvent would be bad enough were it not for the sure knowledge that she would not take it well if someone such as her mom or some other random person were to come along and tell her how to actually clean up a food dye spill. We have to remember that we are dealing with a crazy idiot who thinks that the world is a great big conspiracy to make her look foolish to punish her for wanting to be happy when it looks to her as if she was selected personally by whatever entity decides this sort of thing to live a life of misery, despair and neglect.

A useful experiment could thus be proposed to compare what the person giving advice said with what Elly heard and camera footage of said intervention. Granted, Elly's brain IS hard-wired to only ever see what's wrong with her life and recrimination and mockery and lies coming from people who want to help her so the footage could never help her see what she's doing wrong but doing so would finally drive it home to her family that no, Elly can never chill out or be happy with what she has. She isn't built to. She's genetically foredoomed to see helpful advice given in a spirit of generosity as sarcasm and bile and she doesn't even know it.
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As we all sort of know by now, Lynn has always had a problem with older women telling her what to do. No matter who that older lady might be, Lynn seems to actively resent having to deal with or obey someone who isn't a big, strong man who she can respect. What this means is that the point of the arc we just watched seems to be to remind us that Elly never really seems to have especially liked Thelma much.

This is because she has done certain things that a snippy, defensive, sullen and just plain angry basket-case like Elly would see as war crimes:

  1. The first big arc with Thelma ended up with her conning Elly into taking in a puppy she didn't want because she knew she'd get stuck with it because she liked children who needed to learn to obey their mother more than Elly.
  2. Thelma used to waste Elly's valuable time about boring people she never met, boring places she can't visually imagine and boring events that mean nothing to her.
  3. Since Thelma is childless and thus possessed with the wicked urge to overstep her authority, she used to override Elly's parenting decisions and spoil dinners for children who had to learn to eat only what Elly cooked when Elly cooked it.
  4. Thelma has annoying interests that repel Elly and the overweening need to force Elly to partake in them.
  5. When she explains this to people, they all defend Thelma and call Elly a prickly annoyance who's still an irritant and spoiled brat.

This is why the last time we see Thelma, Elly takes Lizzie with her so that at least someone going to the old folk's home will be happy to see the old meat-axe. The interesting thing is that since she isn't actually family, a form of stupid magic takes place when Thelma passes away. Suddenly, a live irritant will magically become a dead mentor Elly always loved.
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The interesting thing about Elly's indulging Thelma by playing her silly game is not that she knuckled under and bought more cards than she wanted to after shooting her mouth off about how silly people were being. We know that Elly always caves when it's too much trouble to enforce a decree or when she might have to totally humiliate herself forever and be forever lesser in a person's eyes by having to apologize to them. What's interesting is that she still assumes that people have to wait for her to keep up and are extra-bad people for insisting that she move at their pace. She doesn't see the presumptuous and silly idiot we see. She sees herself as being the victim of terrible people who want her to never express herself because they're mean and unfair.

This is a recurring problem when dealing with Elly. I remember the job search that began with her assuming that the librarians never really liked her at all because none of them were willing to do the right thing and quit so she could still have an identity that wasn't "useless and anonymous housewife who will never get her due recognition in this life"; when she tried putting her name in at Philpotts, we saw a woman with not much experience in retail be impersonally dismissed because she didn't meet their needs. They had no strong feelings about her one way or another but the nitwit simply had to take it all personally. Just as the bingo people want to run over her because they hate her and want to wear her out because she can't throw her weight around like a dumb bully, everyone who expects her to pretend she believes that she's just an ordinary person who doesn't get to stomp around like Godzilla are monsters who want her to never laugh or speak or be happy or be paid attention to. Small wonder that one of Marian's last thoughts was most likely a wish that Elly would some day grow up.
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What little we do know about Elly's past tends to suggest that John was the first serious love interest she had. Before him, her 'love life' appears to have consisted of her flinging herself at boys who were either aggressively not interested in her or terrified of either her or Jim. Given that Elly has always had something of a theatrical streak and an inability to put things in perspective, it's possible that we could have had another borrowing from Greg Evans if we'd spent long enough in her teenaged shoes. This is because like Luann, there's an image that leads her like a pillar of flame by night and a pillar of smoke by day. It's the image of her as a despised old lady who never got anything done and who was surrounded by cruel people who mocked her for wanting to be happy.

Having a husband and children seems to have done little more than to add their faces and voices to the jeering crowd of people who want to rub it in that it's the height of hilarity that the life of a garbage person like her is all used up and totally wasted. They can go from strength to strength while she pleads pathetically to people who want to kick her to death because it's fun. The reason that this image will always haunt her on one level or another has a lot to do with why she insists that she's a morbidly obese monster instead of the skinny person with a posture problem the lying people who lie say she is to trick her.

Simply put, the part of Elly's personality that takes pride in resisting being told that she's not a fat person who should be killed for being too ugly to live is also going to resist any evidence that suggests that she's a valued member of society and a loved family member. After all, Elly refuses to be cheered up because she thinks that any attempt to dissuade her from believing in a self-destructive belief that hurts her means that people hate her and don't take her seriously. We can thus look forward to a distressing future in which a poor, deluded old lady is surrounded by people who love and care for her and want to help her but she's too blinded by a nightmare fantasy that combines narcissistic excess with nihilism to realize it. Oh, wait. The future is already here.
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The reason that I mentioned Clark Griswold yesterday is for a very good reason; emulating him would have made for a less irritating and baffling series of strips for the summer of 1987. Instead of having Mike turn into the Monster Of The Week from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and instead of having John fish through a dumpster like the dumbest raccoon ever, we could have watched Elly make a mess of things by insisting on driving up to Phil and Georgia's wedding.

In this new scenario, we could establish the fact that Georgia simply HAD to have the wedding in her home town of Montréal and we could have Elly insist on avoiding all the fuss of flying by simply driving there. The same person who would go on to drag the kids to the damned farm over the holidays to make them love John's side of the family would see no downside to doing that and every sort of upside of avoiding taking them on a plane that would somehow be bad because she's too stupid to be able to fly with children. What we would then have is a husband who makes irritating chatter about traffic, a brother and sister-in-law who annoy her with their pointless blathering about the rehearsal she did perfectly well without and confused children who don't know what's going on because Elly blew off something necessary because she's too God-damned otherworldly to have figured out how weddings actually work.

The end result is that it's somehow going to be magically John's fault that there's road construction because otherwise, it's Elly's improvidence and fear of airports that delayed them, Georgia's insistence on making someone who isn't even getting married her boss the reason for all the craziness and tension and the children's stupidity and need to humiliate her that makes a bored, tired and cranky Elizabeth stand around crying when she doesn't know what to do or where to go. She has to blame them because it cannot be her fault....until Jim comes along and tells her it is.

The problem with basing the strip on what probably actually happened in Lynn's real life is, sadly, rather obvious: all the confusion, panic, animosity and ill-feelings would have an unapproved source. That's because the people telling Elly that she was doing something stupid for a silly reason would be proven right and she'd have to live with the knowledge that she isn't all that much smarter than John is.
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While I believe that I've made this clear before, I'd like to remind you of the really stupid moral lesson of this idiotic arc. The really stupid moral lesson of this idiotic arc is NOT that Mike's take-away from having to be punished for being a perverted little skeeze is "don't get caught" because that's the lesson all Pattersons take away from things. The really stupid moral lesson is that the victim of this offense is not the young girl who's probably being told by her idiot father and shrill moron step-mother that she somehow provoked Mike. The real victim of this is the victim of all victims surpassing all others before her and after her: Elly.

After all, it's not about the trivial fact that some girl with dangerous body language had her privacy invaded by a preposterous little freak. It's about the fact that a busy mother with nooooooo help and nooooo time to herself has to supervise the skittering little mutant instead of being able to ignore what her children do because of her witless belief that if she isn't thinking about them, they aren't doing anything. Time and again, this idiotic idea is proven to be ridiculously wrong and time and again, we are asked to weep bitter, angry tears because she's horrified and confused by the eminently predictable.
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Of course, it's not just the fact that Elly fully expects to keel over dead when it's exactly sixty five years and one second after she was born that's probably making life in Milborough unbearable. We have to remember that Mike was born when she was just shy of twenty-five and is probably making a big, panicky idiot of himself because he's at the ripe ooooooold age of forty. While he does have some cause to panic owing to his having returned to a suburb filled with people who take horrible care of themselves, it's hard to sympathize with him at this great distance owing to the fact that Elly wants to be the bride at every funeral and the corpse at every wedding.

Not only can he not be old before his time because that's her job, he also can't have a defiant monster child filled with a baffling need to defy loving parents because she needs to monopolize the martyrdom. This means that when he starts wailing and moaning about how for some reason, Meredith has entered a world of darkness and says angry, confusing and hateful things like "When I need you and Mom, you're a million miles away and she looks like one of the Walking Dead", Elly will tell him to drink a tall, cool glass of STFU not because she sympathizes with teenagers but because she's the only person in history to ever have been inconvenienced. Heh. He should know better to try to outdo the Mistress Of Martyrdom.
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As we saw yesterday, a key factor in the disconnection between what Elly wants to see happening and what actually happens is something she herself either does or does not do. Her pious insistence on filling bookshelves with boring textbooks and dull encyclopedias because she actively hates the sort of book that might actually have had a shot at making her children active readers because she thinks they need saving from 'trash' that's 'bad' for them has had what's called a revenge effect. In short, she's set herself up to fail by doing what she only thinks is the right thing.

It so happens that this is a recurring pattern that leads her to think terrible thoughts about terrible people who hate her and show that hatred by asking her the horrible and evil question "What did you think was GOING to happen?" One of the most annoying iterations of this was watching her allow Mike to smirk her into changing out of a pair of shorts only to violently object later on when he treated her with the disrespect she'd established herself as permitting. Elly isn't going to ever admit that she sets herself up to fail any more than she's going to admit that what she thinks is happening isn't actually happening at all. Doing that would mean that she's the idiotic failure her mother says she is.
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As I've said before, Elly's habit of stupidly doing what she thinks Marian is doing comes into play when it's time to clean the house. What seems to have happened is that Marian made an honest effort to show her child how to do things properly only to be frustrated by three factors. First, her daughter is a rather tragically dim creature who misinterprets what she sees and who doesn't listen well. Second, we have to deal with the easily wounded stupid pride that convinces her that people who tell her that she's doing things wrong hate her and want her to fail. This leads to the third stupid factor: the stubborn belief that she did actually get it right after all.

This leads to her doing a slipshod travesty of what Marian actually does as a housewife. Elly does loads of clothes because she never bothered assimilating the boring and inefficient tip about separating whites, lights and darks, she makes ironing into this great big production because Marian tried telling her how not to burn herself or the clothes and this leaves her no time to tidy the house properly. It would have been instructive to have John's bad back give out in 1981 in order for him to see the marvel of angry imbecile inefficiency he'd married; the end result of noting that instead of sitting on her ass watching the place fall down around her, she spent all day being a whirling dervish of ineptitude and frustration would have led to his sudden discovery that, hey, maybe he shouldn't have welched on letting her get that degree after all. They can afford a (competent) maid to take care of the house and dock the kids with a (competent) baby sitter because it's worth the extra dough to keep the lunatic moron wife happy. And, hey, it'd sure have been easier on the kids to have a Ruth around. It would have saved them from Elly's war on their having a personality of their own.
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The interesting thing about the on-site biographies is not that as a general rule, we have a sensitive soul being crushed by Self-Righteous Patriarch and his accomplice Wife Who Traded Her Decency For THINGS And Status only to be rescued by the Sainted Patterson Family from whom all blessings flow. The interesting thing is that the Janice Madigan wanted to set up as a foil for Elly has all but forgotten who Elly is. By now, Milborough is simply a distant and vaguely troubling memory concerning this one kid who had a really bossy and angry mother who didn't actually seem to like kids at all and certainly didn't approve of anything like fun. On those minutes she does vaguely call to mind the maniac with the obsession with sweeping her back porch like someone's actually keeping score, she ascribes it to the depressing phenomenon of someone who shouldn't have had kids thinking she had to.

The reason that I mention is that that while she only sort of remembers an angry hindrance to playtime and excitement, it's fairly obvious that Elly's ability to focus on slights and inconveniences and thus to hold grudges for decades means that she's still angry at this kid for getting Mike wound up and for chasing Farley around and generally exposing her to the terrible spectre of actually having to wonder what Mike is doing when she isn't looking at him. How dare this thing come along and make her realize that Mike isn't going to stand around like a block of granite when she isn't thinking about him and how dare she leave for parts unknown before she can get her own back.
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Now that another Thanksgiving has passed you down South by, I think that it's only fitting to re-examine why it is that the day really goes unmarked. As always, it's because the Pattersons look at their lives of plenty and see absolutely nothing to be thankful for. This, I should think, is because they all seem to want things that contradict one another. For example, we have to deal with the fact that Elly wants to be a mother who can never be satisfied with what her children do and is vocal about how much of a bother they are while at the same time be thought of as a kindly figure they can and should come to with their problems. Evil outsiders who don't have children and thus have no say in things might tell evil lies about how she's just going to leap down their throats anyway the second they say something that angers her but that shouldn't be allowed to matter because she wants something and that's it. Since she never got something she sort of actively made a tough sell, she can't find a thing to be grateful for.

This tendency continues with Liz. What we see with her is a fickle, oblivious flake who expects to have her life handed to her on a silver tray who wants to be thought of as being a resolute, faithful and hard-working person no matter what people she just made up might say about listening to herself more often. Simply put, she can't understand why most people see her as a dimwit who has to be led everywhere she needs to go and who also needs to have a babysitter husband forced on her because she's thought of as needing a spotter to breathe.

This inability to tell self-image from reality almost makes John's refusal to understand that the people around him aren't a collection of media images benign. Not being grateful because Elly and the others insist on being real people when television makes life look so simple seems a lesser evil stacked up against wanting to have one's cake and eat it too.
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As you know, we're about seven years or so away from the arc in which Jim and Marian sell the house in which Elly and Phil grew up. Aside from Lizzie stupidly thinking that home is a building, we had to contend with their stupid war over that stupid pump organ. Elly wanted it because she was born first and needed to hold it over Phil that just because they loved him best it didn't mean that he could cheat her out of proof that she was loved and Phil wanted a musical instrument he could use. As I said the other day, he was on the verge of doing something futile and silly: telling Elly that her default belief that he was allowed to do whatever he wanted with the full blessing of their parents was as wrong as her yammering about being his slave or whatever. Oh, sure, the Richardses were into that whole double standard crap but not to the extent Elly would prefer to believe.

This means that any attempt to explain that no, their refusal to hunt the children Phil charged a quarter a head to watch her change down, gouge their eyes out and geld them did not mean that they approved of it would be futile. It was not enough that his arse was paddled raw, that he was made to apologize, that his allowance was revoked and that he spent months at a time as Marian's chore monkey. If they loved her, they'd have admitted that having a second child at all was a mistake because it implied that she needed to be replaced. What is really stupid is that she can listen to Mike say the same stupid freaking thing and wonder why he thinks that life is a zero sum game because she has no self-awareness.

Said lack of self-awareness is also why she doesn't realize why a post-wedding Phil is sort of relieved that his low sperm count and/or Georgia's tipped uterus made parenthood an impossibility. She doesn't admit to herself that she went into things assuming that children were ungrateful parasites that will fight mother love every step of the way because they love chaos and hate to see happy adults because they're willful and no, she's not a fragile idiot who is too easily overwhelmed to be near children any length of time. Since she's a shitty parent who sees defiance everywhere she looks and since he's the only parent he knows, it's not hard to see that he'd assume sight unseen that he'd be the same ridiculous failure.
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As we know, there's a certain element of sadism not especially well hidden in Elly's constant attempts to get Phil married. Everyone who isn't her can quite plainly see that she's still angry that Phil seems to have had a far easier childhood than she did and wants very much to punish him and make him regret ever having been happy when she was a SLAVE while he got to run around living the life of Riley while she was miserable and oppressed. Since she doesn't listen to herself and also doesn't admit to being an angry jerk who loves to feel miserable and lost and confused because she's a depressive narcissist, she thinks that he needs her help to function and isn't trying to ruin him so she can delight in his long overdue misery and despair.

This is why it's probably for the best that his low sperm count kept him from being a father. This is because his having a son or daughter is clearly a hidden danger to Elly's self-concept. After all, Phil might take to parenthood better than she did. It's bad enough that Phil is going to be grateful that despite the occasional flare-up of his acting like Red Green, marriage was the best decision ever made for him. Taking to being married and having bills to pay exceedingly well would be bad enough without his finding being a parent almost a breeze. Why, if Phillip were to be a good parent with a well-behaved child who respects him, the damage to Elly's self-concept would be almost impossible to repair. Once again, Phil would win and win and win and she'd be left with nothing.

The only thing that would be more damaging would be actually admitting that her parents don't actually love everything he does and use her as a bludgeon to beat him over the head with when they deliver the inevitable to everything who ain't her speech about his being a disgrace because he's a rootless drifter who lives out of his car while Elly has a family like she's supposed to have. Then again, we're probably dealing with a person who thinks that it's his fault that she feels miserable and angry all the time because she doesn't want to admit that she needs to feel miserable and angry all the time to make the world make sense. It would be like admitting that she's the reason Phil delayed proposing to Georgia in the first place. More on that tomorrow.
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This mental peculiarity Lynn has of not going back to places has, I should think, a bizarre effect on how people perceive Elly and the rest of the Pattersons. As by way of example, I would tend to think that in the world of my Unauthorized Liographies, Michael is quite likely to make the following observation:

27 May 2017:

Interesting day today. Had a reading of the YA short story about the harmonica at the Main Branch of our local library to promote some sort of Ontario Lit week. Big mistake, that. While the younger staffers were reasonably friendly, the head librarian, a Susan Hargreaves, didn't put too much effort in disguising her dislike of me. Not much of a surprise; she only knew me as the needy, greedy little monster who wanted to chain Mom to the house. Trying to explain Mom's habit of shouting that she could do USEFUL things if she didn't have some parasite trying to drain her substance would have been an exercise in futility so didn't bother. No good speaking ill of dead, after all.

This is because, as I've said before, it looks to me as Sue and Monique and Nilda don't see the super-fantastic power behind the throne Elly does when she contemplates her place in the world. As the strips wherein she's about to be let go clearly indicate, they actually see her as something of a charity case who needs a sinecure in order to feel important because her family keeps her down. The first hint of this is when they sent her off to the big damned thing in Winnipeg and used getting away from home as an incentive. Sue could have gone but Elly is soooo pathetic and needs a break from the horrible family who drains her and doesn't treat her with due respect and so on and so forth. I should think that she is their Kortney in that she's kind of inept and she's kind of got two faces. Sue and the others just got the face with the despairing, needy frown on it.


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