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To continue on with yesterday, it's fairly obvious that John might not especially want to have to remember why Elly doesn't like to share much. The first and most obvious reason is that he doesn't really like remembering that he's got a nasty temper when he feels as if he's being disrespected or treated like a chump. Just as Woefully Inept And Self-Servingly Vindictive Monster Mom Elly thinks of herself as being things she is not like loving, fair, firm and kind, Hot-Tempered Man-Infant John doesn't want to admit that he's anything other than a friendly, approachable but misunderstood type. Admitting to himself that Elly doesn't want her head bitten off or cruelly mocked for having emotional needs that get in his way means looking in the mirror and seeing the dickhead he actually is and that's not allowed.

The less obvious reason is that he never actually troubles himself to understand who the Hell he married in the first God-damned place. Just as he sees Michael as a bio-robot meant to do yardwork without hesitation or complaint and the girls as a cheering section that reminds him what a great guy he is, the moron with the mechanistic viewpoint sees Elly as something plopped on the ground to cook, clean and rear children. Understanding that she was forced to lose every argument in order to save her from herself by his imbecile mother-in-law is something the dolt files under A for "Absolutely Irrelevant" despite its potential to fuck up his life. 
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Of course, the ultimate example of people not really communicating especially well would have to be John and Elly themselves. While at first blush, it looks as if the primary source of the conflict is that John is a stupid old stick in the mud so married to the past that he makes Elly's life miserable because he's too stupid and too hung up on what his mother did to notice that Elly's crazy woman hormones have nothing to do with why she's upset, I should think that it goes deeper than this. It seems to me that John could be progressive in his outlook and still not get Elly because of a fundamental difference between them.

The horrible strip in which John plays the filthy problem hair stunt on Lizardbreath and the equally horrible strip in which he declares that Lizzie is too young to be sensitive about her looks and the especially horrible strip in which he tries really hard to not understand why Liz feels so lost and unhappy remind us that John wants very much to live in a sort of bubble of not having to deal with things. I'm reminded of lyrics from a really, really old song by Chicago back when they were pissing people off by adding the words 'Transit Authority' to their name: "If you had my outlook, your feelings would be numb, you'd always think that everything was fine...EVERYTHING IS FINE!!!" Simply put, his detachment, his serenity, his life of idiot glee is motivated by his very real need to blind himself to the problems around him because he's too squishy inside to deal with life.

This means that marrying someone who wears her heart on her sleeve like Elly is going to be a rather troubling proposition. There's no one who feels more and with more sincerity than Elly does and her non-stop need to face issues that scare the shit out of him because all roads lead to him getting what he wants being the grand unifying theory of why his life sucks and why his kids act the way they do. Acknowledging a problem means acknowledging the possibility that the problem is him so he'd rather not be subjected to the humiliation of being always wrong and also a bad person.
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One thing that you can't help but notice is that John and Deanna are the only characters without a retinue of friends he can talk to. Mike has Weed and Gordon (who he shares with Anthony), Elly has Connie, Liz has Candace, April has Eva Warzone and Gerund but Deanna and John have no one that isn't a Patterson to talk to about their problems. Deanna's friendlessness is easy to explain in that she's pretty much a member of a Foob mind control cult dedicated to the worship of Elly Patterson. My guess is that she deliberately cut herself off from anyone who told her evil lies about how she's being exploited by a selfish, lazy waster and her horrible family.

John, on the other hand, is in a sort of different bind. It seems to me that he's given into Elly's pressure to keep him from developing strong bonds with men outside the home. Just as it used to be with Gordon, Elly does so as an act of protective love designed to save John from himself. Outside interests are dangerous in the first place because they take John outside the home and expose him to the horrible temptation to cheat and to listen to terrible people like Ted who tell him that servitude to a screeching afreet who suddenly finds getting the MRS degree she planned on getting to be insufficient is perhaps not the best life for him or anyone else. Outside friends also do horrible things like tell her that her non-stop beefing about a cushy life is irritating and silly as well. Why, outside friends might even embolden John to tell her about refugee women in war zones who have real problems. We can't have Elly feeling like an ungrateful bitch so we can't have John team up with other husbands to question the rule of WE MOMS.

Fear her.

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As we saw last Sunday, the John of the very early years had no real problem saying chauvinistic things, publicly disrespecting Elly or making nasty comments at her expense. The interesting thing is that the John of the later years was never that bold. He probably hasn't changed his tune to any great extent (as his blanket condemnation of a woman he's never met and never will meet indicates) but he seems to have finally learned when not to sing his song of idiot misogyny. All it took was for him to finally become afraid of her intemperate, irrational rages.

The problem is that almost everything angers her because she seems to have wasted her childhood trying to make compliments out of insults because of a deep-seated belief that people who were nice to her were lying in order to either get her to do something or get something from her. She figured that because the only time she was pleasant to anyone was to extract favors so it made sense that everyone else is a lying jerkwad too. This means that even when John is being a stand-up guy, her inner paranoid idiot is telling her that he's actually being a jerk. This means that she might as well be green and running around yelling "smash puny humans."
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You will no doubt have noticed that when John finally had his cast removed, he was all about how Elly couldn't possibly imagine how uncomfortable it was to be in a cast because she had never experienced something that awkward and painful in her ultra-easy existence; her attempt to ask him to imagine being pregnant seemed to have put him in his place but it seems to me that all she did was succeed in confusing him. The reason that I say this is that I remember his going to Lamaze class and standing around with a look of horror frozen on his face because he felt so awkward being there. Did it matter that Elly felt like she'd gained a ton that she was sure that she wasn't going to lose or that she was in steadily increasing discomfort? Not really. This is because it seems to me that John cannot see pain that he doesn't feel as being real. The part of him that's baffled by Lizzie running off crying when he comes up with a clever line or outraged that people aren't grateful to be bossed around by an idiot is the part that should be alerting him to the fact that since the other person's discomfort matters to them, it should matter to him. Since that guy failed to report in for duty, we're dealing with someone who doesn't have much in the way of empathy or remorse.
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As I said quite some time ago, Elly tends not to tell people what she really wants or expects owing to a belief of hers that she never wants to disabuse herself of owing to said horrible information tending to make her look like a right idiot. This limiting notion is that people think exactly the way she does and see the world through her eyes. The end result of this is that she and the other person argue witlessly at cross purposes because Elly stupidly thinks that they're only pretending that they don't see the world precisely as she does in order to make a great big fool out of her.

This tendency tends to make buying her a Christmas gift a near impossibility. As I also said some time ago, Elly loves to rant about how no one should make a fuss over her despite her wanting exactly that. This would be bad enough had she married a man who didn't see her as being a domestic servant who he had yearly bedroom privileges with; since she married an oafish cluck who, upon seeing women in ads gush over another great big God-damned appliance or other practical thing that doesn't require the man to do something scary and wrong like finding out who the Hell he married and what the Hell she wants, assumes that since the actress feigned delight well enough to fool a blockhead with a model train fetish, the baffling stranger he married would also be happy. Thus does Elly's inability to see who John is collide with his refusal to understand people lest his beloved stereotypes be proven wrong to produce another Patterson holiday tradition: Elly getting snow tires or a rug shampooer instead of jewelry.
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As I said yesterday, John has a very good reason to assume that Elly is a gullible, easily-distracted imbecile who can be counted on to act against her own self-interest. After all, we started out with his chortling about how he conned her into thinking that he couldn't be trusted to do housework and we ended with her being the last person to know that he'd bought and paid for the Tiny Train House so it's not as if he's dealing with a mastermind.

The reason for all of this is that he noticed that she never quite managed to get any sort of degree. Given that Gordon succeeded without the alleged license to do well in life clods like he, Elly and Anthony think that a degree is and given that he himself whines about having to struggle for every grade he got, it would seem that he and Elly share a blind spot. Simply put, the two boomer dunderheads thought that the skills that they picked up in high school would actually serve them well in post-secondary education. What they have still to this day never realized is that their professors hated dimwits like them who think that all they need to do is shovel up some crap facts in line with what they think Teacher believes. Since neither of them learned how to think for themselves or reflect on what they believed or why they believed it, they had a hard old time at University. The only reason John skated by was that most of his course-work was technical in nature so he could get away with parroting crap; since Elly's major couldn't be churned out of a cookbook, she lost interest and failed her way into convincing an imbecile that she was a moron.
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Now that we're in the era where Elly is a working mother who has to deal with children who want to eat her feeling of self-respect with their hateful need for attention and time, I'd like to tell you why it is that John, despite being a jerk who doesn't quite see why Elly needs to be away from her children so much, is still declared a good father. Simply put, he doesn't do anything stupid like defending them from Elly's insane wrath.

What seems to be happening is that John was raised to follow the volume when it came to settling disputes. Since Elly is always screaming her stupid head off because she over-reacts to a situation she's misread in the most ridiculously self-serving manner possible, it seems to him that the best way to handle things is to settle down the angry lunatic who simply will not talk things out like a sane person. Either she explodes in rage when confronted with the terrifying implication that she's an empty-headed bag of wind who doesn't understand what she's screaming about or she does something else repulsively immature and refuses to speak at all. Since Elly can't be an adult about anything and since the children are quieter than she is, he assumes that they can suck it up and deal with getting shorted out of something that they probably should have just to make their hateful nutbag of a mother shut her stupid face. After all, he does it despite knowing that he's in the right most of the time. This is because his idea of family harmony boils down to placating a stupid narcissist who needs to think that everyone is out to destroy her lest she realize that she isn't a special snowflake after all. If kids come along and try to bring right and wrong into the picture, you'd better believe he's gonna want to put a stop to THAT action!!
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Now that we've actually arrived at the conclusion of the "Elly Patterson: Chopped Liver" arc, it's time for us to figure out what it all means. We know going in that John is a skeevy moron who can't and won't control his throbbing biological urges and is possessed of the delusion that mentally undressing any attractive woman unfortunate enough to cross his path is paying her a warm and valued compliment. We also know that while he really doesn't respect Elly much at all and tends to ascribe her tendency to not be the submissive little wifey who smiles and lets him get away with being a repellent clod to scary, incomprehensible woman hormones, John has at least enough brains to realize that he has to somehow placate Elly in order to continue to sleep in his own bed and eat his greaseburgers.

This, sadly, seems to be what Elly lives for. If there is one thing Elly does seem to actually enjoy in this life, it is the care and maintenance of grudges. The same woman who all but salivates at the prospect of her brother having a miserable life as a means of getting her own back for his having it mildly easier than she did seems to love it when John makes a complete bonehead of himself. That way, she can act all wounded, never actually tell the benighted idiot what he's supposed to have done and torment the dimwitted slob for days on end out of sheer malice. This means that the perfect marriage that Deanna idolizes and Liz wants to have is that of a loutish, immature emotional abuser who married so he could have a new mommy and a vindictive, manipulative paranoiac with a martyrdom complex who needs to feel upset to feel alive.

The reason that this is thought of as being a wonderful thing is explained in the "Please Love Anthony" letter when Lynn tells us that we wouldn't want to see Anthony and Liz actually behave as if they could stand each others' company. Simply put, Lynn does not understand or like romantic love and thus substitutes something she's familiar with: jerks feasting on each other like rats in a cage.
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As we know, the Pattersons viewed their month at the farm as a means of accomplishing certain goals. While John’s only real goal was to have wonderful mindless fun running farm equipment so he could recharge after the horror of having to interact with human beings, Elly’s to do list was slightly larger and, owing to its not quite being realistic, less likely to be accomplished. Now that we’re about watch them go home, let’s see what Elly wanted to do and how well she made out doing it:

  • First off, she seemed to want her children to learn the value of hard work. Given that the method she and John use to do so remains the same and is copied by Bev and Danny, having four adults race around braying about being owed labour in return for lodgings fails to do so twice as fast.
  • Second, she seems to have been transfixed by the notion that if the children were to see the hard work that went into growing food, they’d become suddenly wonderful and eat her slop. This worked almost as well as her on-going campaign to trick her children into eating foods they dislike so that she can whinny about how since they didn’t die, they have to eat said foods.
  • Third, it seemed to me that she went into things with the goal in mind of raising consciousnesses and getting the throwbacks that seem to populate farm country to admit that “You know what? We’re horrible people for believing in the gender roles we do and really want to thank a city-dweller for telling us what to believe.” Given that no one on Exile Farm seems to be conscious, that worked as well as working children to exhaustion and calling them lazy did.
  • Lastly, she seemed to want to get John to respect her as a hard worker. What a joke that was! He made an assy comment about how he was glad to see her finally work because it took him twenty-five jeezly years to entertain the possibility that Elly might actually feel overwhelmed and underappreciated.

About the only thing that she did succeed in doing was watching the ‘miracle’ of piglets being born and even that left a sour taste in her mouth because Danny wouldn’t join her in being unrealistic. Simply put, John got more of what he wanted done because he had a goal based in reality. Elly didn’t and she failed.

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The reason I mentioned the fact that John gets confused by Elly's need for there to be an argument is that I think that the poor sap should really count his blessings. After all, a screaming match about trivia is immeasurably more tolerable than Elly's favorite way of showing him that he's displeased her by giving him the silent treatment.

The reason that she does this is so that she can be in complete control of a given situation by withholding what it is that bothers her. In this instance, it would appear that his being kissed by some random stranger is tied with his being falling down drunk for the root cause of the current crisis. Not, of course, that we ever find out what is bothering her; if she were to say what's bothering her, it's entirely possible that she'd lose the argument and she's too petty to do that.

What makes things really idiotic is that she believes that she and John communicate quite well; then again, she also believes that she was loving, firm, fair and kind and that she'd never been cross with Mike and Lizzie.
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As we're about to be reminded, the Pattersons don't really socialize much after Lizzie is about three or so; beforehand, we used to see them in social gatherings but afterwards, they became the sort of homebodies that we're more familiar with. The reason Lynn and Elly give for the two of them behaving the way their nature dictates is somewhat telling: John got hammered at the one party Elly actually threw and embarrassed her so badly that she can never go out to parties again.

The problem with that is that John warned her ahead of time that he didn't like crowds at least twice only to have her ignore his feeble attempts to sway her in the name of her being a party planner extraordinaire. In her mind, putting him in a social setting he felt uncomfortable with would magically make him not horribly self-conscious; that being said, she should also have noticed that compared to her, he's a lightweight. She can hold her liquor while he's more or less down for the count as soon as he sniffs the bloody cork. When you realize that she ignored his warning her because she'd rather not hear him and failed to remember that mouthwash would leave him staggering, this upcoming mess is at least partway her fault for tempting fate.

The problem, of course, is that this is symptomatic of a larger problem: Elly's refusal to heed any sort of warnings that might require her to reconsider an idea she's got stuck in her head. Another example of this is, of course, her insistence on not listening to flood warnings during the early spring of 1995; in her mind, you see, a child will ALWAYS sit quietly where ever Mommy plops her down so she never actually had to worry about where April was. Any sort of suggestion that April had to be watched over or that children aren't grinning little dummies content to sit and stare quietly into space were immediately rejected so, well, it's not as if it were her fault, right?
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As we all know, we're about eight months or so away from the first real exposure the Patterson children have to Exile Farm. The general idea behind the need that John and Elly have to have his parents, kid sister, her hippy-dippy idiot husband and insolent daughter baby-sit their children is that an exposure to the hard work John fled as soon as he was able would reconcile them to having their horses owned.

The reason I mentioned today is that something interesting happened afterwards: John told Elly to her face that it was good to see her actually working for a change. Elly, of course, took it to mean that John thought that she was lazy and worthless and whatever and didn't notice or appreciate how much she did for him. The problem is that the phrase can be taken two ways.

The way that Elly didn't notice that it could be used is as a means by which John expressed his fascination with how she did chores; that's because he's usually been shooed out of the room so that he isn't underfoot. What he would then see, of course, is Elly doing a lot of frantic scurrying-around without really getting much done. Having actually seen why it is that when he gets home she looks like something that the cat dragged in while looking as if all she did was move the dirt around would answer the question of what she did all day.

Not, of course, that he would dare explain that maybe she isn't actually doing things the way Marian does or to suggest that there's an easier way to do things. He might be stupid but he's not crazy. Doing that would probably cause her to hurl heavy objects at him.
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As we’ve seen, Lynn loves to remind us all that John really doesn’t know what to get Elly for Christmas. In the normal course of events, we find her giving him the cold shoulder because she gets an appliance instead of the jewellery or dress that she actually wanted; the end result of this tendency is that she ends up complaining that John thinks of her more or less as a maid or short-order cook or something instead of a love interest. Granted, it turns out that this is the case there are those who detect a hidden agenda behind the decision to be practical: the fact that John has no idea what size of clothes Elly wears. The reason for that is that he’s not only not very curious about something that doesn’t affect him as well as the fact that Elly thinks that he’s magically supposed to know this going in and thus will not tell him.

This presents our boy with a bit of a dilemma. He knows that if he gets something too large, she’ll complain that he expects her to grow into it and if it’s too small, it’s because he thinks that she’s fat. Since both paths lead to his being accused of calling her obese, old and ugly, it’s better for him to be accused of calling her the organic adjunct of a food processor than it is for him to be yet again unjustly accused of calling her fat. In my not-at-all humble opinion, she should save her rage for when he actually is insulting her.

What makes this all the more ridiculous is that she stands there grousing about how he can never do anything right and expects a compliment while she gets him exactly what he wants and isn't as appreciated as she'd like to be. It doesn't matter if he gets her the coat she really wants because it'll be wrong somehow or an appliance she could use but won't because Marian didn't, he can't buy her a damned thing without disappointing her. Since she's kind of like a kid in that she doesn't know why people are in a bad mood, she doesn't seem able to connect her non-stop negativity to his low-key gratitude.

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As I love to remind you all, John really doesn't think that it's the husband's job to do much in the way of caring for small children. Not only is it due to his love of rigid gender roles, we must also factor in the fact that John really prefers to hover in the background and to not interact with his family or intercede in their bickering because it's far too much like work. Since he's also an insensitive clod who thinks that Elly always makes a big deal over nothing, he looks like the ogre she thinks she is because he's too stupid to realize that for once, she isn't faking feeling overwhelmed just to make him feel bad about what has to happen. No amount of whining that all toddlers blend together or that children only develop an identity when they stop being what he would describe as a wailing lump of something-or-other is ever going to shield him from the consequences of not realizing that he's in the wrong. Lucky for him, the same stupidity that protects him from realizing that April has legitimate concerns protects him from the evil feeling of remorse about how he treats Elly.
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As we all know, John works fairly hard and thus doesn't really have the energy to do much housework at the end of a busy day staring down people's throats and worsening the pain in his lower back even if he wanted to. The thing is that even if he did have the energy, he'd still insist that Elly shoulder most, if not all, of that burden because she's the woman and that's like her thing. Not only does this entail deceiving her into thinking that he's helpless, it also means that he has to blind himself to the fact that she not only feels overwhelmed by the challenge at the best of times, she doesn't want to be defined solely as his little slave-girl. Rather than admit that he's a boorish clod who wants free maid service or that the woman he professes to love feels severe self-doubt, he ascribes her discomfort to woman hormones clouding her thinking and thus making her unhappy with something that's supposed to fill her with mindless glee. By the time he did figure out that she needed more in her life than to darn socks and bake cookies, they were both wringing their hands in terror because the spoiled princess that they didn't realize that they'd raised was making unfair noises about not wanting to move to the Tiny Train House just because Mike was too selfish and lazy to find his own housecleverly frustrated Mira's attempt to ensnare him in her family politics; since he was at that point inhabiting his shed and working on his eyesore model train layout, he didn't have to apologize for being an arsebucket.

This, of course, raises a second problem; given how slowly John's mind works, it's sort of an annoying turn of events that by the time it did occur to him that she wanted more out of her life than housework, her exposure to the real world scared and embarrassed her so much, she retreated to the safety of her comfy little home so that she would not have to face the stigma of her many failures. Her retiring from Lilliputs because she had to work for real is a foreshadowing not only of Mike's running home to Mommy after Gluttson told him to do his job, it's also a foretelling of why Deanna opens up that sewing school. My guess is that she'll either be too stressed out to do her job or be told to leave after accidentally killing someone by getting their meds mixed up.
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You've noticed by now that John and Elly still think that they communicate fairly well despite never actually sharing what's on their minds with each other. This is owing to their confusing exchanging inoffensive pleasantries and mindless chatter that doesn't change how they view each other with actually talking to one another.

One of the things that they don't talk about but think they have is about how hard the other person works. John, as we've seen, has no idea that he's married a woman burdened with a severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, short-term memory problems, poor organization skills and a need to be thought well of nor does he realize that the toxic stew of character flaws she struggles with leaves her hors de combat after a day of backbreaking toil; since he has it in his head that Elly is lazy, that's all he can see. As she says, the only time he notices that she does anything is when she doesn't do it.

What she doesn't see is that John works even harder than she does; in her mind, the job that puts carrot coins on the table is a cakewalk next to doing ninety jillion loads of laundry a day instead of a back-breaking, exacting, boring, nerve-wracking toil that leaves him wiped out at the end of the day. Since she doesn't want to know this, she doesn't admit that maybe he does have certain cause to want to sit down for a bit. Granted, he shouldn't use it as an excuse to stick her with everything because he thinks that she's a slacker but if they were to talk to instead of at one another, we could have seen her get him to help out without resorting to tears.
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As you may or may not know, an interesting pattern emerges when you look at the history of the Patterson family; what usually ends up happening on those occasions when John isn't trying to thwart Elly out of fear for what the neighbors might think or because her ambitions clash with his needs, he genuinely doesn't see the problem that agitates her. Case in point: Elly has spent years trying to cajole, plead and threaten her family in order to make them eat the overly large helpings of food she knows they hate because she knows better than they do. Her life is made worse because she's got a husband who doesn't see the problem. It doesn't make sense to him that she should obsessively gobble down everything in sight because he knows that it isn't the end of the world if Mike's plate isn't clean or if he isn't forced to eat foods he hates. What's more, he says so; the problem is that Elly would rather be miserable doing something counterproductive because to do otherwise would mean that she'd have to do something she hates and admit being in the wrong. Therefore, she makes herself pointlessly and needlessly upset because she's sort of stupid; also, she needs to be broken of the habit of compulsively cleaning plates.
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It seems to me that Lynn's muddled chronology will have a rather jarring side-effect this Valentine's Day weekend; that's because instead of Elly lying about hating to nag and Mike reminding her that her idea of cooperation is that she tells him what to do and he does it without question, we're probably in for the pumpkin-perfume-bottle-toss strip. This means that without intending to, Lynn is sending out a more troubling message than she originally did. It's bad enough that Elly is too stupid and self-loathing to recognize affection when it's staring her in the face without her ruining a Valentine's Day dinner on the town by having a great big argument about being oversensitive. It's too bad that the occasional bouts of lucidity wherein she almost starts to realize that her kids aren't a bunch of hellions who hate her and want to make her miserable don't extend to her realizing that John is simply a ham-fisted goof trying his damnedest to be a caring husband.
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Remember last year when we were talking about how Elly thought John's spending money on that big-ass stereo system was going to be accompanied by his telling her that she couldn't buy a new electric can opener? An upcoming strip in which John doesn't want to spend money on a new stove because he's not the one who's going to use it gives her good reason to think exactly that. As we're going to see over the next few years, John is somewhat reluctant to spend money on appliances and home repairs. The given reason is that he's a chauvinistic miser who wants Elly to be unhappy while he spends money that could be used to turn the Pattermanse into a showplace on toys. The underlying premise that there's money enough for a new car or other ego-gratifying goodie whenever he wants to but when Elly needs new things, he stands around whining about the expense. Given how readily he bought her brand new things when the Housening went into play and how rapidly he expanded the Pattermanse, it seems to me that things are not nearly so cut and dried; my personal suspicion is that John has a more cynical motive for wanting to stall on fixing up the kitchen. Said reason is that given how awful Elly's cooking is, he doesn't feel it deserves a better setting. Not that one can blame him; it would be one thing if she could cook food that didn't deserve to be choked down as fast as possible in order to avoid tasting it but since she thinks that Cheepie Weenie Casserole is the apex of great food, well, it's hard for him to want to pretty up where the spuds are peeled and the grub ruined.


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