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The irritating thing about this whole damned mess with the girls' shower is that the closest Elly actually seems to come to inflicting sanctions on Mike is blowing up in his face when he makes the mistake of assuming that he can talk to her like she's a peer or some damned thing. This is because the last time he gave in to his throbbing biological urges towards age-inappropriate voyeurism, his punishment was to be allowed to come and go as he pleased but be told that he was grounded all the same. If a punishment is inconsistent and doesn't have teeth, nothing can be learned.

This is why it's sort of a good thing that Mike does have a girlfriend to try to actually impress. He's never for long without female companionship and he always behaves better when he's in a relationship with a girl than he ever was when the only woman in his life was toothless old Elly and her non-effectual non-punishments. When one takes this into consideration and one looks ahead to her filling the head of a mind still desperate for proof that she actually loves him with gibberish about family politics and how generosity has a price because she has an instinctive dread of Mike figuring out that he actually likes the Sobinskis more than he does her, we can start to maybe see what all this garbage about scheming twelve-year old gold-diggers comes from. I should think that it comes from the mind of a panicky asshole who lives in fear of her son realizing that most of his life has been spent trying to please an incompetent numbskull.
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As we know, the reason Mike was off by himself just before he met Martha is because he didn't want to be reminded that no one really liked him. The self-pitying goof was unhappy because they saw him for what he was: a dismally dull young boy whose overweening need for attention and approval made him make a fool of himself as well as an abrasive clod who didn't want to understand that they too had feelings. The reason that I mention this is that we've no clear reason why it was that Martha was running around screaming that no one in camp seemed to like her either. This is because we know from later experience that she has saboteur friends Janice and Megan running around throwing a monkey wrench into things with their overbearing need to hold her to a promise to tell them everything about her social life.

The only reason that seems to make much sense is that Janice and Megan don't seem to be within an hour's drive of Kamp Kawkawa thereby depriving the girl of people to talk to. Knowing that Janice seems to thrive on intimidating Martha into compliance with her own stupid desires by threatening her with social exclusion, it seems to me that perhaps Martha was under orders to not make friends without Janice's approval or permission and since the girl likes to be jerked around by damaging idiots, she complied with that insane demand, met no one, approached no one and was left on the outside looking in.  
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While I intend to not post headers for strips that feature Mike being a miserable failure as a boyfriend to Martha, I feel that it's only right to ask what it is that pointed her at yet another of the many damaging human beings she's encountered in her life. As we know, Mike had absented himself from a campfire so he could wallow in self-pity about having to be punished for taking yet another stupid dare because the theatrical nitwit never seems to have cottoned on to the fact that if he didn't run around with a bad attitude all the time, people might like him as a person rather than as a source of entertainment.

The reason that I mention this is that this is pretty much what Martha herself was doing. Just as Dawn and Liz struck up a lasting friendship because they were sick of taking crap from loutish older brothers, Martha and Mike started off being repulsed by given the booooring, ordinary old-fashioned names of people they never met and had to be uncool and unfun anyway because they were ooooold. After agreeing that their idiot parents owed it to them to have named them something good like, I dunno, Dweezil and Moon Unit, they compared notes about other things they hated. Too bad for them that they had to have positive things in common. He's too stupid to know what Operation Jealousy looks like and she's too passive to resist the horrible people she keeps running into.
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The interesting thing about the whole deal with Martha is that as far as I can remember, Elly has never once encountered the girl's family and thus has no real idea how they see things. She has no idea that Martha has an older brother who's still glad that at least his kid sister didn't marry that tool who churns out abuse porn. She doesn't realize that her parents still think that Mike was a jerk and creep she'd be better off without because she was going too fast.

This is because I don't think that she wants to know anything about this girl that isn't "she's a threat to what I want for Mike and thus must be plotting my destruction" because the alternative is super-scary: realizing that she's seen as the parent of the bad kid who wants bad things to happen. She can handle thinking of him as bad when he doesn't eat his greens but she can't tolerate someone else seeing him as a threat.
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The interesting thing about this year is that if I remember correctly, we're about to see Mike's last season of pee-wee hockey. This means no more of Elly whining about sitting on a cold bench, no more yowling about her precious free time going away and no more having to care about silly team sports that lead inevitably her having to thanklessly nurse a hopeless cripple after a sports injury destroys Mike somehow. The reason that I mention this is that another baseless anxiety is about to take its place this August. This anxiety has curly hair, freckles and parents who think that her poor angel Mike is a sex offender bent on its ruination.

Yep. That's right. No sooner does he give up on the team sports of encouraging violence to mothers does he start getting interested in cheap little floozies who clearly want to trap him in their web and destroy his loving mother's hopes for his glorious future. Or, to put in English instead of Crazed Egomaniac, Elly needs something to fear, hate and worry about in order to feel alive. It just so happens that a slip of a girl whose folks think of that dreg Mike as THAT boy from THAT family takes the place of sports for a while.


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