Mar. 9th, 2013

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As we all know, Lynn occasionally likes to turn the strip into a sort of situation comedy like the Brady Bunch; the reason that I mention this is that she's about to indulge her tendency to do so by presenting us with a common-place event turned into a farce. Said otherwise normal event is occasioned when Michael takes the class hamster home with him for an evening to help teach him responsibility or some such thing. The interesting thing is not that Lizzie is too young to realize how fragile the poor little thing is or that Mike tries to palm the job of cleaning up after him off on Elly "because that's what Moms are there for". The interesting thing is that John seems to hate Humphrey the hamster like fire. While on the surface, it might look as if his antipathy could stem from his belief that only dogs are pets or his country-boy belief that a hamster is a rat with good PR but we get a rather strong hint as to what his deal is when he wants to kill the poor little fellow because he's kept up by a poorly-lubricated exercise wheel. While a casual observer might think "It almost looks as if John thinks that the hamster is trying to screw with him", a true student of the Foobiverse would cut 'it almost looks as if' right out of that sentence when the thing houdinis out of its cage. It takes a special kind of always-angry imbecile to think that a tiny rodent with the brain the size of a chickpea is going the 'wrong' way just to defy him. John is just that special....but then, we knew that already, didn't we?

Yes, I went there and I brought stuff back. John has always, ALWAYS put his own needs above everyone else and the idea of sacrificing his own petty desires for others has the same appeal now as it did when he was a snotty, molly-coddled little brat being handed things by his overly-indulgent mother back when he was small, selfish and filled with the need to tyrannize those around him.


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