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As we're about to see, John is the man who comes up with the brilliant idea of packing Michael off to Vancouver for the summer. In his mind, it's an elegantly simple solution to an otherwise intractable problem. This is because what he sees is a kid raising a ruckus over nothing much on one end and a wife who can make his life a seething Hell on the other arguing about a problem that only matters to him because of the noise it makes. Given how little he knows of what goes on in his own house, it makes a sick, sad sort of sense that what the problem turns into is Mike being a noisy pain in the neck who wants to piss off his mother. Given his low tolerance for having to deal with angry children, it makes even more sense that his solution to a child's bad attitude is to remind the brat who's boss in the house.

The problem that isn't John being a huge, swingin'dick is that he has no more idea of what was bothering Mike back then than what bothered April about the Housening. The first few days of the arc were, after all, all about how horrified Michael was that at some point, his parents would decide that they liked life without him so much, he was going to have to stay in Vancouver forever. Does John know this? No. John has no idea that Michael and Lizzie and April all lived with the fear that he and Elly would send them away just'cause. He can witness the result but he doesn't understand the fear because he doesn't really know who his wife and kids are.


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