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As the school clothes-buying and Halloween costume arcs show us, Elly tends to fight a stupid battle with her children based on a stupid reason. The strip in which she regarded Lizzie's not wanting to wear the ugly orange coat as a sign that she was too defiant and selfish to be allowed to attend kindergarten gives us a hint as to what her mental defect is; given that she seems to have believed that wearing the coat that she picked out with all the love in her great big heart was a precondition of being grown up enough to attend something that's mandatory, it's not hard to come to the realization that Elly tends to give children false dilemmas because she's convinced herself that everything is a referendum on whether her kids love her. This ends up meaning that every time a child shows any hint of a difference of opinion, it must be the result of the child hating her and wanting her to suffer and so on and so forth.

This makes her a different kind of irritating jerk than John and his clone Anthony. What impresses me as being the best way to explain the both of them is by referring to the fact that Assthony is currently in Year Fifteen of an indefinite sulk because his father didn't simply give him a free car for breathing, Nostache is that entitled and blind. This explains why he told Fran├žoise that Santa doesn't like little girls who don't kiss Lizardbreath's fat arse. He and John present children with false dilemmas because of their self-serving need to have absolute control of things. It doesn't matter to either douchenozzle that respect has to be earned, they've got the mighty organs and you've gotta do what they say, no matter how little you get out of it.
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