Jan. 2nd, 2017

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It should come as no real shock that adults and children in the strip have a different idea of what June means. To We Moms, June is a terrible month because for some silly reason, school closes for two months and We Moms have to scramble to find ways in which the terrible parasite children who hate us and our happiness and fulfillment occupied so that We Moms don't have to admit that we never liked kids to starts with. June is the month of Despair because the minute after they get time off, they're bored because we moms were so busy complaining about being mothers that they don't spend much time being parents.

To the children being berated for having imaginations carefully left stunted by idiot parents, the same month is one of Freedom because for two months, they think they'll have time to themselves and no pointlessly angry adult will tell them what to do. No more confusing homework, no lectures about a fake childhood spent in a world that had to be dull because the kids weren't in it and no playground politics. Too bad it's always a lie. No sooner do they come home with report cards in hand do they find Mom screaming about how their presence in their own home is a crime.


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